Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Responding to the Challenge

I have decided to respond to Bethanne's challenge and ATTEMPT to identify 7 strange characteristics that I may have. It will be very hard to come up with 7 since I am the most normal person in our family. However, unlike my sister, I do tend to try to follow rules much more often than she does so I will have only 7. Here goes:

#1 I, too, have an irrational fear of snakes! So much that I don't even like to say the is commonly referred to in our home as an "S" to avoid the word itself. I cannot remember when it began or why it began. It has always been there. I have a horrible fear that an "S" will be in our garage or basement and will greet me when I walk through. If I see one on TV or a picture of one I make a loud gasp that is completely unnatural and uncontrollable! My husband tells me that a fear of snakes is normal but a fear of the TV or a picture of a snake is NOT normal. What does he know....he is terrified of sharks even when he is on land!

#2 I am addicted to Mahjong Medley. It is a game that I downloaded from and cannot stop playing it. Before I go to bed at night, I have to play at least a few games in order to "wind down". It doesn't matter what time it is or how tired I am. Many evenings I put off homework and play Mahjong. There are many different types of Mahjong games within this one game. It is my goal to beat each and every one of them. There are still 3 in one version that I cannot beat. I have literally played one of them more than 45o times (it shows how many you have won and lost...450+!!!!). I know...pray for me. "My name is Lisa and I am a Mahjongaholic". **Note: There are others....Super Text Twist, Sudoku, Online Bingo, etc. If anyone would like web addresses to these wonderful things, I would be glad to provide those upon request.

#3 I do have one little "quirky" phrase that I like to say. Some people when frightened or surprised or stub their toe choose to use various words or phrases. I am quite fond of saying "Obie One Kanobi!" I have to stop with that because I can't say where I heard it or why I say it but I do say it alot.

#4 For those who know me I'm sure they will not disagree with this one! I'm not really a touchy-feely kind of person. Hugging does not come naturally to me and therefore being hugged does not either. I do not like people getting in my space. I would say that my personal space is a much smaller personal space than most. I do make exceptions for my husband and children although it is not my natural inclination.

#5 I always set my clock ahead by at least 15 minutes. I have now worked my way up to 30 minutes on my alarm clock. I am not sure what this is about except that I hate to wake up early in the mornings and I try to trick myself into thinking it is later than it is. The problem with this philosophy is that I know it is 30 minutes fast and I realize what the actual time is. My husband thinks I just like to do math early in the morning. For some odd reason, it just makes me feel like I am sleeping in even though I really know that I'm not. Confused yet? I'm a little scared now that I think about there a psychological term for that? I'm sure Anna (her blog is More Than A Conqueror) will tell me what it is. (If someone can tell me how to link to someone elses blog, that would be great! You would think as the sister of Bethanne I could get a little blog training here!)

#6 I cannot go underwater without holding my nose. I am not sure how others do it but I get water up my nose everytime! I would love to go scuba diving sometime but I think I would still need to hold my nose. I try and try but I feel like I am drowning which is another irrational fear of mine.

#7 Last but not least, I am able to pick things up with my toes. Bending over to pick something up is much more difficult than picking it up with my feet. No matter if it is clothes, papers, something accidentally dropped on the floor, or what, I can pick it up! This is somewhat odd since I don't really like feet at all. (I do like my feet but everyone else has funny feet! LOL)

As promised, I stuck to the rules and only chose 7 strange characteristics. I use the word chose because I discovered that I actually have a few more than 7. Of course not as many as Bethanne.

That is all for now! Have a great week!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Has it been 2 weeks?????

That is so hard to believe that it has been two weeks since I blogged. I have some making up to do. My goal for this week will be to blog at least three times....we will see if I can live up to that!

Don't laugh. I had my first French class tonight so I would like to say to everyone "Bonjour! Comment allez-vous?" We really did have fun in the class. Our teacher is French Canadian and of course her native language is French. I anticipate we will be hearing some very funny English comments in this class. I plan to make a list and will share with you in the future. I will give you one example tonight: Teacher says "De French speak more straightforward. Dey do not cut around de bush!" I think there will be many going forward. Of course it is much funnier to hear it with her accent. I think the class will be fun but we have alot of homework, book to read, papers due each week and ultimately a minimum of 20 page Power Point presentation on a specific french speaking country. We will also be required to bring a french dish one evening for our dinner. She has already said that French Fries are out and French bread is out....what will I do?

In case I haven't mentioned it, my husband enjoys writing poems. We also have a poem writer among us in the blogging know who you are....I will leave it up to you to come forward and present us with a blogging poem. "Would the real Poet Blogger please come forward???" Moving on, my husband has also started writing a novel. I would like to share a poem with you tonight that he has written and see what you think. In the future I would like to give you excerpts from his novel to see what you think also. Feedback of any kind is good. Here goes:

Sail Away
To speak to you of love
A message from heart to heart
Is written on pillows in tears
From too many nights apart
If ships could sail the sky of blue
Traverse the mighty deep
And carry my love on twilight's hue
A gentle kiss while you sleep
In slumbers perfect world of dreams
No night could ever be
Bright sunlit days of joys extreme
At the edge of true love's sea
Beaches of pure white sand
Oceans of crystal blue
This is my dream your love demands
Perfect just for two
Let us sail away to shores afar
Carried on winds from above
Not knowing what tomorrow brings
Hand in hand with you my love
Mitchell Allen Davidson
Copyright 2008
You may also go to the website below and rate the poem:

Quite a few more where that came from and if it doesn't bore you too much I may post them as well. Let us know what you think. I think you may be interested in some excerpts from the book as well. We will certainly be interested in your comments. We would love for you to share the website with others as well as there are prizes presented sometimes based on the number of votes. (solicitation...solicitation).

Quite tired tonight so I am signing off. Au Revoir!