Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Human Videos

My son's youth group has really enjoyed performing what are now referred to as "Human Videos". They perform these to different types of music and are usually very dramatic (some more than others as you will see below). All have a very good message and delivered in different ways i.e some very serious, some more humorous, etc. They have been able to reach a wide variety of audiences and performed in many places such as school assemblies, youth services, Bristol Motor Speedway during Nascar events, and home and foreign mission fields. The video below is one of the most recent and more serious ones that was performed Sunday night at a youth service. This human video is called "Puppet". You may find the music very bold and maybe foreign to some of you (Daddy), but the people that this video really should speak to is all of us. It may be a different format than some are use to but the message is very clear. There are many people who are just "puppets", going through the motions of being a Christian but never getting anywhere. This video shows the power that Satan has over people that do not let God have control of their lives. Until they die to themselves and accept Jesus they are nothing more than puppets. Some things to note to help with interpreting this is that of course the people in the black shirts represent Satan and demons and the guy in the white shirt represents Jesus. You will notice that once Jesus dies on the cross, Satan loses his power. You will see him trying to control the people but unable to. There is even a point where Jesus draws a line and the demons cannot cross that line no matter how much they try. This video will take a little over 7 minutes to watch so dont be in a hurry. You may have to watch it a couple of times to really get the entire message because the video is jumping back and forth and alot is happening. It is much more clear in person of course and the fact that we are not professional videographers doesn't help either! My son is the tall guy in the middle with half of his face painted black. For some reason he always plays the bad guy! These kids really work hard to learn these and have had a wonderful time performing them. Keep an open mind when watching and please share with others.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

You wanted change??? I haven't fallen off the face of the earth!

You know there are many conspiracy theories out there of various types, i.e. Obama is the Antichrist, Global Warming, the Amero, Roswell, North American Union, etc. I don't know if any of these things are true but some seem to be possible. The whole "Obamamania" is so strange to me and I totally cannot understand it. Is anybody else tired of it? Nobody can be that perfect! I honestly think he could stand in the middle of the street, kill someone and there would be those people in our world that would justify it and think he was still the greatest thing since sliced bread. Don't get me wrong, he is very charasmatic and charming but I think it is in a creepy way!

In addition, am I the only one that thinks it is funny (not funny ha ha, but funny ironic) that during his campaign, Obama and others trying to get him elected worked very hard to stress the fact that he is not a muslim? During the campaign we were forbidden to use his middle name Hussein, talk about his Muslim father and his Muslim roots or speak of the Arab country he lived in and the Muslim school he attended. He has been in office less than 2 weeks and his very first interview was given to an Arab TV network. I think it was a very interesting interview to say the least and very enlightening. He was very clear in the interview that he has Muslim family members, has lived in Muslim countries, and that he plans to address the Muslim world from a Muslim capital during the first 100 days of his presidency. I'm just sayin'......if you wanted to are definitely IN FOR SOME CHANGE!!!!

Just to clarify, I really don't think Obama is the Antichrist. I guess he could be. He surely does put on a good show....but I seriously doubt it. He may be the fore runner for the Antichrist or the person that will show strong support for him. I do think that we are seeing a small glimpse of what will happen when the Antichrist appears....OBAMAMANIA! While he has been called "The One", "Saviour", "Messiah", I think it is just too obvious to assume he is the Antichrist. Maybe I am wrong, but I think the Antichrist will not claim Jesus as his Savior as does Barack Obama (many claim him but don't truly know him, but nevertheless he does claim that). I don't believe Christianity will be the one world religion one day so again, I don't think the Antichrist will claim to be a Christian. It just seems highly unlikely. He certainly does have some characteristics associated with the Antichrist, but that could be said about other world and political leaders as well.

I guess we don't really know, but one thing is for sure, we are all in for some changes that will ultimately lead to the appearance of the Antichrist if he is not already visible. No matter what, we can look at all the things happening around us and realize that Jesus return is very close. Just reading the news we see that we are headed towards full governmental control with:
- global finances (Nationalization of Banks)
- a National ID Card (the US is talking of implementing the "Real ID" Act)
- chip implantations beginning with animals, children and sex offenders
- overall globalization (which is being encouraged because of all our "global problems" like global warming, the current financial crisis)
- Global Governance (our new President is suppose to greatly support global authorities like the UN, IMF, etc)
These things are all very real and are happening TODAY. These are the signs and changes that we are seeing happen. wanted got it!