Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Human Videos

My son's youth group has really enjoyed performing what are now referred to as "Human Videos". They perform these to different types of music and are usually very dramatic (some more than others as you will see below). All have a very good message and delivered in different ways i.e some very serious, some more humorous, etc. They have been able to reach a wide variety of audiences and performed in many places such as school assemblies, youth services, Bristol Motor Speedway during Nascar events, and home and foreign mission fields. The video below is one of the most recent and more serious ones that was performed Sunday night at a youth service. This human video is called "Puppet". You may find the music very bold and maybe foreign to some of you (Daddy), but the people that this video really should speak to is all of us. It may be a different format than some are use to but the message is very clear. There are many people who are just "puppets", going through the motions of being a Christian but never getting anywhere. This video shows the power that Satan has over people that do not let God have control of their lives. Until they die to themselves and accept Jesus they are nothing more than puppets. Some things to note to help with interpreting this is that of course the people in the black shirts represent Satan and demons and the guy in the white shirt represents Jesus. You will notice that once Jesus dies on the cross, Satan loses his power. You will see him trying to control the people but unable to. There is even a point where Jesus draws a line and the demons cannot cross that line no matter how much they try. This video will take a little over 7 minutes to watch so dont be in a hurry. You may have to watch it a couple of times to really get the entire message because the video is jumping back and forth and alot is happening. It is much more clear in person of course and the fact that we are not professional videographers doesn't help either! My son is the tall guy in the middle with half of his face painted black. For some reason he always plays the bad guy! These kids really work hard to learn these and have had a wonderful time performing them. Keep an open mind when watching and please share with others.


Eddie said...

Since I was called out as if I were the only one that just might think "Boy this is different" I want to inform my precious daughter that last year on our mission trip to Honduras, a group of our young people did several of these"Boy this is different" drama's and I understood each of them and even saw how they could be interpreted by many people and thought it was really good. I'm not the old foggy you think I am, dear precious daughter. I like anything that my grandchildren do even "Boy this is different" stuff. I know their hearts and I hip with it all dear precious daughter whom I love so very much.
Your old foggy dad.